OEM parts

One question that frequently arises on forums is 'who originally made part x for Volvo?'. As I remove parts during maintenance/repair work on my 850R I'll attempt to note the original manufacturer here. While OEM manufacturers will hopefuly still be producing good quality parts, please bear in mind that the parts will NOT be subject to Volvo's own quality control processes, and so may be inferior to the originally fitted part. Caveat Emptor!

Please also bear in mind that this info is from my own 1996 850R which has a B5234T5 engine fitted.

Part Description

OEM Manufacturer

Picture of part

Engine timing parts

cambelt Contitech?
cambelt tensioner Aisin
cambelt tensioner pulley INA
cambelt idler pulley INA
aux belt tensioner INA

General service parts

oil filter Mann
air filter Mann

Cooling system parts

radiator Valeo
waterpump Aisin
heater matrix Behr

Ignition parts

distributor cap Bosch
distributor rotor Bosch
coil Bosch
HT leads Bougicourd

General engine parts

turbo control valve (TCV) Pierburg

Suspension parts

Front dampers Sachs
Nivomat rear dampers Sachs